Safety Ensured.

A mdf skirting boards perhaps is the most essential part of the house due to a simple fact that, it is supporting all the doors of your house. It is most commonly found in rectangular shape, which fits a door is perfectly. It encloses the door from the top and from both the sides. Also known as a door jamb, it acts as the threshold of every house and every room.

Why, your house needs a door frame?

1. Easy maintenance- it is noted that framed doors require less maintenance. It increases a doors longevity and durability.

2. Convenience - having a door frame is more convenient for the users. The door fits in properly and strongly. The walls of the house are not affected and remain unharmed.

3. Aesthetic value-it adds the aesthetic value to your house. It creates an even look and merges the door with the walls. Frames today, are available in various shapes, colors and sizes. It can be easily complemented with the theme and color of the room.

4. Hinging- the hinges are attached to the frame and thus connected to the door. This is how the door opens and closes. The strength of the door is entirely dependent on its frame. If the frame is weak the door will not function properly. The door gets its grip with its aid. Without the frame there will always be space between the door and the wall.

5. Protection - door frames are strong pieces of furniture that secure your house. The locks are installed inside the frame. It shuts the door properly. It fits firmly on the wall thus making sure you are safe in your house. It doesn’t leave any gaps in between, thus ensuring full privacy of the people living inside.


Though MDF skirtingboards is ignored and concealed, a house is literally nothing, without it.